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8 training and research divisions (PFRs)

The PFRs (training and research divisions) are constitutive structures of the Target University, grouping together unincorporated internal entities (faculties, departments, institutes, “internal schools”, groups of components) and, in the case of the Sciences and Humanities PFR, a legal entity (établissement-composante).

Within the scope of their academic competence, the PFRs’ missions will include: initial training including work-study training, lifelong learning, research training, knowledge production and dissemination, the transfer of research and innovation results, and professional integration. The PFRs will perform these missions within the framework of an overall policy and in line with strategic plans decided at the Target University level, in conjunction with the établissement-composante.

Subsidiarity allows the PFRs to be autonomous and they will be essential actors in the Target University’s overall strategy, contributing to its visibility and international attractiveness.

The 8 PFRs are the following: