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The Target University project is designed to ensure real added value for all those who study, teach, perform research and work there.

An institution that is agile day-to-day, with clear and coherent missions

With unambiguous missions and clearly identified resources, and with the PFRs and undergraduate structures, the Target University will construct an effective framework and a more coherent learning context adapted to various different profiles. The administrative organisation will gradually be simplified to provide everyone – students, academic staff, administrative staff – with an improved service and streamlined procedures allowing them to benefit from greater availability for their core activities. The Target University will be committed to shortening decision-making circuits, simplifying procedures and applying the principle of subsidiarity whenever necessary.

Degrees recognised and valued by applying a continuous improvement approach to the quality of training programmes

A key added value of the Target University for students is the recognition of their degrees, which will lead to better job opportunities and prospects. The focus on graduate employability indicators will support the efforts of the Target University to ensure greater recognition of degrees and to adapt its training map and teaching methods. The doctorate is the flagship diploma of a research-intensive university. Doctoral students are supported to help them achieve high-quality professional integration.

The Target University considers campus life to be an integral part of students’ university experience and informal training, contributing to their success and development. By providing significant support for student associations and initiatives, encouraging cultural and sporting activities, and developing alumni networks, the Target University will leverage its diversity to create a rich campus life in all of its locations.

The university’s academic ambition will be delivered through a renewed organisational approach. With the PFRs (pôles de formation et de recherche), the Target University will ensure that work is better valued along with the missions of the various structures working in the fields of training, research and the functioning of the institution. By adding the strengths and assets of its founding institutions, the university will gradually build the framework for a much improved operating mode. Beyond the development of international academic relations, the Target University will encourage the internationalisation of its services and procedures, for the benefit of students and staff, in order to increase its attractiveness. To assist its research units, the university will specifically focus on international development and, through its actions, increase visibility among the European institutions. It will promote partnership research and consolidate business relationships. The university will make available the necessary financial resources to promote its attractiveness and to support young researchers, with an infrastructure and platform strategy adapted to its ambition and appropriate research services. Similarly, all newly recruited professors will benefit from an endowment and a reduced service for a sufficient period of time to set up their academic activity. All of these actions play a role in the university’s ambition to contribute to international research at the highest level. In order to assist training activities, the decisions entrusted to the PFRs are decentralised and the teaching teams have a more flexible and responsive working environment with short decision-making circuits.

Digital transformation will be a major challenge for the Target University. It must help to build a strong digital strategy with the relevant socio-economic actors and communities, as well as a common internal vision of the university’s pedagogical transformation for the direct benefit of its teacher and student communities. The Target University’s founding institutions have strong skills in this field, all of which are assets to be used in promoting this ambitious strategy by drawing on innovative operational mechanisms.