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Governance, dossier and opinion of the IDEX jury


IDEXLYON is directed by Jean-François Pinton, and led by the Université de Lyon presided by Khaled Bouabdallah. The project has its own governance steering all IDEXLYON actions. The IDEXLYON governance and the Université de Lyon work closely together: the IDEXLYON Director is appointed by the President of the Université de Lyon; members of various IDEXLYON bodies also play a part in decision-making at the Université de Lyon.

The governing bodies of the IDEXLYON project are:

  • COMEX – the IDEXLYON Executive Committee: composed of the directors of the consortium’s member institutions, its role is to approve the main orientations and action agendas.
  • SAB – Scientific Advisory Board: composed of scientists from the Université de Lyon and external experts, it advises on academic strategy.
  • Academic group: includes the Vice-Presidents of Research & Training at the consortium's institutions, as well as the representatives of research organizations within the Université de Lyon.

Amended project

IDEX is a call for projects launched by the French National Agency for Research (ANR) and the Commissariat-General for Investments (CGI), as part of the Investments for the Future Program.
It aims to identify around 10 French universities as world-class centers of excellence, and to improve the attractiveness of France and its scientific standing in the world.

Following a selection process by an international jury, composed of representatives from prestigious universities, aacdemic peers and representatives from the socio-economic world, the Université de Lyon was awarded the "Excellence Initiative" (IDEX) label in February 2017.

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Opinion of the IDEX jury

The IDEXLYON project was awarded the IDEX label in 2017. This award recognizes the three years of collective work by the Université de Lyon and all its partners.
A collective success thanks to the important implication of all institutions and their staff, academic communities, political stakeholders within the area, socio-economic partners and all students.

As recommended by the IDEX jury, the IDEXLYON project will be reevaluated in September 2019. Two aspects will be natably taken into account: the governance of the Target University and the common signature for scientific publications.

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