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The decision and arbitration body is a steering committee composed of the four heads of institutions, the head of the COMUE Université de Lyon, and two representatives per institution.

The collective contribution of communities

The construction process to give shape to the Target University, with its structure that is made up of PFRs (training and research divisions), is participatory and collective. It closely links professions and services, both related to training and research, whilst taking care to place the daily experience of work at the heart of the reflection.

The collective contribution of the communities is structured around of inter- or intra-institutional work groups. They are involved with operational subjects with regard to the academic and political direction of the project. Currently, 26 work groups (GT - groupes de travail) have been mobilised, with 8 training and research division work groups, 1 brainstorming group on the Saint-Étienne campus, 1 work group dedicated to undergraduate studies and 16 work groups on the organizational themes steered by the departmental directors.

Impact anticipation stage

The four founding institutions initiated a procedure dedicated to the evaluation of the effects regarding the implementation of the Target University on the organisation and the working conditions of staff.

This procedure involves global initiatives to improve working conditions, with multiple components:

  • A study on the preliminary effects carried out by the governance of the institutions at the Plein Sens firm. This study aims to evaluate the major changes to the organisations and working conditions.
  • An psychosocial risk analysis in collaboration with the Health, Safety and Working conditions committee (CHSCT), to anticipate risks, propose prevention measures and promote the quality of working life.
  • Exchanges within the transformation monitoring group (GST - Groupe de suivi de la transformation).

Transformation Monitoring Group (GST)

The role of this inter-institutional group is to constitute a space for reflection and discussions with trade union representatives, and to help plan for and assess changes and their effect on the living and working conditions of staff.

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Support of expert firms

The institutions decided to seek out support for the construction of the Target University. At the end of a public call for offers, two external service providers were chosen; the companies Plein Sens and Siris Academic. These two external service providers possess recognised experience in the field of higher education and research in France.

The intervention of these firms consists of the methodological and technical support of the university’s co-construction works with the communities and all the stakeholders of the different institutions.