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Impact anticipation stage

Le 22 October 2019

The four founding institutions launched a concerted evaluation process on the effect of the set-up of the Target University on the organisation and the working conditions of staff members. The Community of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (COMUE) was fully involved in this stage.

It seeks the involvement of global initiatives to improve working conditions, with several components:

  • A preliminary impact anticipation stage composed of two phases, and ordered by the institutions’ governance at the Plein Sens firm. The aim of this stage is to assess the major changes in organisation and the working conditions of administrative staff, as well as contribute to the institutions’ prevention plans.
  • A psychosocial risks assessment, in collaboration with the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT), to preempt any risks and propose working condition prevention measures as well as measures for the promotion of the quality of working life.
  • Exchanges within the Transformation Monitoring Group (GST - Groupe de suivi de la transformation). As an inter-institutional group, its role is to offer a space for reflection and discussions with trade union representatives, and help plan for and assess changes and their effect on the living and working conditions of staff.

The preliminary impact forecast stage is composed of two phases: analysis and prevention.

The first phase resulted in the drawing up of a report based on a documentary analysis, notably from the Strategic Plan (DOS - Document d'orientation stratégique), and individual interviews carried out with executives of the institutions concerned. This first component aims to plan for the impact that the project may have on the working conditions of administrative staff, as well as to propose areas of work regarding prevention. The resulting analysis was presented for information purposes in the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committees (CHSCT) of the founding institutions.

Consult the report (in French)

A second participative phase involves around 500 members of staff, from all the institutions combined, brought together in collective workshops. This collegial work seeks to define good working conditions that must be maintained for the project. The conclusions will be used to complete the areas of prevention, points of vigilance and improvements identified in the first phase and, in connection with the first analysis, will constitute the preliminary impact forecast stage.

Consult this stage (in French)