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Who we are

The Target University project brings together 4 institutions that are committed, on the basis of a shared vision, to monitoring the defining works of this experimental institution and to participating in the work groups.

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

As a science, technology, health and sport university, the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 offers its 46,000 students high-quality training programs, and has provided excellent research within its 65 laboratories for nearly 50 years. Every day, its 5,000 staff members commit to developing interdisciplinary research, focused on the major societal issues of our time, as well as a demanding training program, in relation with the constraints of the field, in order to guarantee student success. At the heart of its 3 campuses and 11 sites, Lyon 1 is working towards constructing an inclusive university that is committed to providing support, creation and sharing with all those that bring it to life.

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

The Université Jean Moulin proposes a wide array of human and social sciences training programs from undergraduate to PhD levels in law, political science and international relations, the French-speaking world, management, accounting, philosophy, languages, humanities, history, geography and development and information and communication. Within its six faculties and institutes, it has more than 29,000 students, 5,000 of which are international students. With 7 doctoral schools and 19 research units, it develops interdisciplinary research in connection with the major societal issues. Thanks to its links with the socio-economic background and specific support mechanisms, the Université Jean Moulin promotes the success of its students and their employability. On its campuses and outside their walls, it offers many activities that contribute to their fulfillment: arts and culture, sport and charity, and entrepreneurial work.

Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne

The Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne, with its 20,000 students, has multiple disciplines including health. On 6 campuses, it offers training programs in science, technology, health, human and social sciences, law, economy, management, arts, humanities and languages, in the context of a rich and dynamic student life.
Thanks to its cutting-edge research and its ever-growing number of international labels, it is an evolving university that, thanks to its teacher-researchers and library, administrative and technical staff, enables students to benefit from high-level training programs every day. Through its university Foundation and its partnerships, the Université Jean Monnet proves every day that it can work with businesses and create a beneficial dynamic in its region.

École normale supérieure de Lyon

The École normale supérieure de Lyon trains, by and for research, students that are motivated by gaining more in-depth fundamental knowledge. Nearly 2,400 students study all the University’s disciplines here (except law and medicine) in 11 training departments, closely linked with 30 research structures, bringing together more than 500 teacher-researchers.
The ENS de Lyon’s training mainly leads to the professions of teaching and research, as well as senior civil service professions. Based on multidisciplinary approaches, an individualized monitoring, personalized courses and openness to the international market, the 4-year diploma is generally followed by aPhD.
For the last 3 years, the ENS de Lyon has ranked in the top 5 best modestly-sized research universities in the world (source: THE Ranking).

They support us

The project benefits from the active support of all the economic and institutional players of our region. Research organisations are closely linked to it.

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